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Happy Pride Month!

In March, we began a sermon series and adult education class on the clobber verses: the scriptures from the Bible that have been used to clobber our LGBTQ siblings, barring them from full participation in the life of the church. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we were disrupted in this work - thinking we'd be back together much more quickly than we initially anticipated. We will pick up this work again very soon.

In the meantime, we are re-releasing the two sermons from that series. Attached here is audio-only video (with closed-captioning) from the first sermon preached in those two weeks. The first sermon is an introductory sermon on Genesis 1.

In this Pride month, may we continue to clean out the closets of our theology; discarding theologies and biblical interpretations that do not help us love God and neighbor.

You can read much more about LGBTQ-affirming biblical interpretation at

**Because of the pandemic, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church has been postponed; it did not take place last month as mentioned in the sermon.

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